Camping Near Manila | Pico de Loro

Pico De Loro Campsite
Pico De Loro Campsite

Camping near the mountains in manila is one of a kind experience for everyone who loves exploring.

Mountain climbing can test your limit physically and your patience mentally, there is a lot of mountains near manila that’s available and Pico de Loro is on the Top of our list. Just 2-3 hours away from Manila by either public or private transportation and another 2-3 hours of hiking and trekking to the campsite.

Hiking near Manila
Pico de loro view of Summit and Monolith

Pico de Loro is situated between the town of Ternate in Cavite and Nasugbu in Batangas, it is part of Mts. Palay-palay and Mataas na Gulod National Park which is a protected area of the DENR (Department of Natural Resources) it is said that Pico de Loro got its name because of the “monolith” or what they call the “parrots beak” behind the summit of the mountain.

Pico de Loro Monolith
Pico de Loro Parrots Beak credits to

Being a protected area of the DENR there is a thriving wildlife in Pico de Loro and one can experience unexpecting circumstances like, a snake crossing the trail or an owl hunting for food during night trek. Pico de Loro is safe for beginners and first time climbers as long they can be accompanied by someone who already experienced climbing the mountain, we never recommend first timers to climb alone as it is never safe to be alone in a mountain even for an experienced mountaineer.

We do recommend that any individual who would like to give mountaineering a try should go and finish a BASIC MOUNTAINEERING COURSE first. There is a lot of Mountaineering Group that offers FREE BASIC MOUNTAINEERING COURSE or sometimes for just a minimal fee.

Added information for Pico de Loro:
– it has a waterfalls (you can see a sign on the trail that can lead you to the waterfalls) you only need 10 minutes trekking to visit and take a relaxing swim.

Pico de Loro Falls
Pico de Loro Falls, credits to

– you can also visit the Philippine Marines Beach after your pico de loro climb.

Boracay de cavite
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– you can also do a traverse climb from Ternate, Cavite jumpoff to Nasugbu, Batangas and visit the public beaches of Nasugbu.